To be. The most important lesson successful businesswoman Chris Childs has learnt is that if you want to run and expand a business while staying sane, you need to be organised.

I work on the ‘CANII’ system – Constant And Never Ending Improvement & Innovation – and to stay organised, I apply this thinking constantly to five key areas of business. Here’s what I call the ‘High Five’.

The ‘high five”

  1. The right people

    When you find and train the right people, the business runs itself. Sometimes the most difficult thing to see is that you have surrounded yourself with the wrong people, the flow-on effect being that work becomes just that – hard work. With the right people, the passion for business just flows and it can’t help but attract the perfect clients, meaning it must be profitable. People are drawn to businesses that are internally happy and professional.

  2. The right clients

    As soon as you realise your business can’t be all things to all people – that the business has to have a model of a perfect client – the sooner it will be successful. When you ‘need’ to accept all clients that come to your door, you will always have friction and unhappy clients. It is the ability to say no and recognise when a client won’t fit the business model that will elevate your business and bring a level of service that enables you to have exceptionally happy clients. This leads to more client referrals and positive feedback into the community, and in turn generates more business, attracting more of the ‘perfect’ client.

  3. The right tools, marketing and planning

    While every one of the five points are important, this point is certainly dear to my heart. Getting your marketing right, testing and measuring the results, keeping your database clean, and working on the business on a weekly basis as well as working in the business, are all vital parts of running a successful business. This, in combination with setting an annual activity and marketing plan and implementing it is vital for business success.

  4. The right ethos

    You need to be the right boss to attract the right people and you need to have the right ethos to attract the right clients. A business owner who has the right intentions, who puts people and clients first, and who has an ethos of giving more than taking, will create such a positive environment that the business can’t help but grow and prosper. Create and publish your business ethos for your clients and staff to understand your ‘why’.

  5. The right mindset

    Mindset is a choice; you can be as happy or angry or excited as you decide to be. It really helps if you decide to have a happy, positive and motivational attitude. Staff are more inclined to bring problems, mistakes and issues to you if you have a positive can-do or can-fix attitude, rather than if they think they are going to get a negative or volatile reaction. Mindset also includes a positive look to the future, goal setting, encouraging team spirit and providing leadership. The end result should be that you have much more money and much more time to enjoy it. In other words, you may just get your life back.