Information technology can be a confusing and daunting subject, but there is no denying the need for it in the modern workplace. Thus a powerful partnership has been forged between local enterprise lucidity it and ict stalwart digital sense, to provide strategic solutions by ‘bringing simplicity to complexity’.

LUCIDITY (LOO-SID-I-TEE):Free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression.

It’s a term not often seen paired with computers – particularly for those of us who find tech-speak much like a foreign language. But when it comes to the work of the Montville-based boutique strategic IT company bearing the same name, its meaning, and their slogan of ‘bringing simplicity to complexity’ could not be more spot on.

When you’re running a business, the last thing you want to do is divert time, staff , resources and money from your mission to service the equipment you use to accomplish that goal. However, in a world where technology reigns supreme and continues to move at a rapid rate, this is an expense many business owners see as inescapable.

According to Lance Knight and Michael Tran, this is simply not the case – not if they have anything to do with it.
“What we’re about is finding out where you are right now and where you actually want to be, and helping you get there,” says Lucidity IT’s Director, Lance.
“If you’re a legal company, you don’t want to have an IT department,” adds Michael. “You want to have functioning IT in order to keep you at the forefront of the industry, but you don’t want to be an IT-oriented company – you just want to have IT as a service, not as a division.”

If you invest in decent connectivity, you can get all of the things that come with that to take your business into the future. You just need to be talking to the right people.

Michael is the chief technology officer and managing director of cutting edge IT hosting infrastructure company, Digital Sense. The Brisbane-based innovator began working as Lucidity IT’s cloud provider in 2014, creating what is now one of the most respected and efficient partnerships in the industry.

Their long list of loyal clients in every sector, from not-for-profit organisations, local, state and federal governments, and education, through to construction, aged care, aerospace, manufacturing, and utilities, is proof of their success in delivering the best strategic IT services available. As is the incredible growth Lucidity IT has seen in its young life — thanks to wide-spread word-of-mouth recommendations between businesses on the Coast, Lucidity IT is now one of Digital Sense’s fastest growing partners.

So what is it about Lucidity IT and their partnership with Digital Sense that’s causing such a stir? Developed to offer a strategic partnership to businesses, Lucidity IT acts as an objective technical advisor that will not only address their current IT needs, but offer individually-tailored recommendations to achieve their business goals at a faster, yet more affordable and manageable rate.

Targeted at businesses ranging from 70 staff through to organisations boasting over 1000 full-time employees, Lucidity (and subsequently Digital Sense) goes beyond that of the stereotypical basement-dwelling IT department. “We offer both on-premise and cloud storage solutions, disaster recovery solutions, web hosting, system administration, strategic engagements, document management systems, auditing for cloud readiness and infrastructure assessments, application assessments, and risk assessments, then make recommendations from that,” explains Lance. “We also offer sharepoint services, technology governance, business continuity planning, business process analysis, enterprise architecture, security solutions, connectivity, and software licensing management.”

Where Digital Sense comes into play is in providing the technology that allows Lucidity IT to make it all happen. Their cutting edge data centre in Brisbane is affordable, scalable, secure and resistant to a number of natural and manmade disasters – and thanks to their cloud capabilities and effective connectivity, forking out thousands of dollars in bulk for hardware that in a few years will be obsolete, is a thing of the past. “We take care of that,” says Lance. “You have a purely operational-based investment and never have to worry about capital expenditure.”

Lance says when it comes to IT in business, the biggest mistake made by coastal organisations is believing what they’ve been told by others in the past. “You can get internet – it’s not a mythical thing – the problem we have here is that due to the geographical location and logistics, it’s at a premium. But if you invest in decent connectivity, you can get all of the things that come with that to take your business into the future. You just need to be talking to the right people.”

For both Lance and Michael, it’s clear IT – along with all of the amazing possibilities it brings – is their passion, and it’s something they want to share, to help other businesses excel. “We started off as a small business ourselves and grew, thanks to the support of others,” says Michael. “Our guys live and breathe technology – that’s really the only way to keep up to date because it is forever changing – and that’s what we want to bring to businesses; people who are passionate in this industry and are able to off er the latest cutting edge service to help advance their business and let them get back to doing what they do best.”