With core values of ethics, integrity and honesty, the 80-year legacy of henzells agency continues to dominate coastal real estate.

As one of the oldest and most respected real estate agencies on the Sunshine Coast, family owned Henzells Agency has been synonymous with Caloundra property for over 80 years.

Priding itself on its vision of ‘Real People, Real Service, Real Estate’, at the core of this leading agency’s impressive reputation is its commitment to building a first-class, passionate, local team. A team of everyday people who genuinely care about the future of the business and of the industry as a whole, focused on providing a superior service to everyone who comes through the door. Choosing the right people to continue that legacy of integrity is, in their view, the key to success.

So who is behind the scenes at Henzells Agency, and why are they so passionate about real estate?

We ensure our team is made up of those who have an interest in the future of the local area and who can carry on the legacy that was started so many years ago.

Hamish Bolderston, Sales Manager

I’ve always had a passion for property and real estate has been a big part of my life. My grandmother had a real estate agency on the Northern Beaches in Sydney and it was a family run business; at the time she was probably the only woman operating an agency on her own. Any days off school would be spent there helping out. The majority of my extended family now works in real estate or property—my sister, sister-in-law, cousins, aunties and uncles—so it can be a little dull at family dinners for people not in property!

In a funny way, Henzells Agency chose me! I was working in property in Noosa, when I met with one of the owners of Henzells about possibly joining the team. I liked the idea of being involved in the business—it was family orientated and had a team of people with similar ethics and aspirations to drive the business forward. It felt like it was a place where we could change some of the more outdated systems around technology but maintain that earthy people-orientated feel about things. I believe this is what we are truly about: providing a superior service to our vendors and clients, by making sure our integrity that has been around for 80 years flows through every area of the business and remains part of the business for the future. A big part of that is choosing the right people for the business. We ensure our team is made up of those who have an interest in the future of the local area and who can carry on the legacy that was started so many years ago.

Outside work? I’m married with two young boys, so we live a very outdoors-oriented lifestyle. Being Vice Chair and an Age Manager for Nippers keeps my weekends busy, and I’m also involved in kids’ soccer. But mostly I really like to enjoy that Coastal lifestyle with my family that drew us up from Sydney.

Katherine Allan, Operations Manager

I joined Henzells Agency 11 years ago as an admin assistant and have since worked my way up to Operations Manager. I applied for the admin position because I had a friend who worked here and she told me what a fantastic place it was to work!

My job is to make sure processes and procedures are followed, so I’m always looking for better ways of doing things. We want to be a leader in technology, so we’ve gone from an office where everything was on paper, to having almost all systems running electronically. I’m passionate about driving the business forward. We do a lot of training and I believe our property managers are the best trained on the Coast. They need to be, they need to know the law and the latest processes inside out.

I love the operational side of things. No two days are ever the same and my friend was right, it is a great place to work! One of the best things is that it is really family orientated. I can pick up my daughter from school, be involved in the community and feel supported in everything we do. And because the team is so carefully chosen to ensure the right fit, we all get on really well and genuinely enjoy coming to work; there is a great dynamic.

My dad was into property development. Growing up I’d often have a wallpaper scraper in my hand as he would buy a dilapidated house and we’d do it up. But for me, my move into working in property was more about working at Henzells Agency as a company, rather than being in real estate.

My life outside work is busy! I am heavily involved in Irish folk music. My daughter also does Irish dancing so a lot of my spare time is tied back to Irish dancing or folk music.

We do a lot of training and I believe our property managers are the best trained on the coast.

Grant Goodrum, Residential Sales Property Consultant

I’m pretty new to Henzells Agency, having joined the team in early 2016. But I’ve been in real estate for six years—four on the Sunshine Coast and two in Bundaberg, where I am from.

When Roy and Garry approached me to join Henzells I jumped at the chance. Henzells Agency has a great reputation, that legacy is something that no one else can off er on the Sunshine Coast. I work with great people. Joining a family-run agency, where some employees have been here for over a decade has been fantastic. They are close-knit and very supportive. Plus the knowledge base they have is incredible. I’m really happy to be a part of that, to expand my own knowledge and contribute to the team. I love to stay abreast of changes in the marketplace and am constantly looking for new and creative ways of selling homes.

My days are always full! I like to head to the gym before work, and always try and have breakfast and dinner with the family. With a three-year-old son, I’m very family orientated, and he certainly keeps us busy. Weekends are often spent at the beach with my family, and we love to get home to my parents property in Bundaberg whenever we can.

Amy Feckner, Property Manager

In late 2013 I decided to start my journey in the real estate world. After I completed my course, I spent the first 3 months of my career gaining experience on the Sunshine Coast, before starting with Henzell’s Agency, who believe in training their staff , have procedures for staff to follow, and have the right systems to produce a good working department. I have been with them ever since – the company is well established and has been doing this for over 80 years, so how can you go wrong?

I moved to the Coast from Hervey Bay and joined the Henzells team in June, 2014. My role as property manager makes me the owner’s eyes, managing properties on their behalf. My position mostly consists of educating, communicating and negotiating with clients.

While Henzells’ professionalism may have been what drew me to them originally, what makes them such a great agency to work for is their family values, great culture and supportive environment. This is important to me as being married with three children – 10-year-old twins and a 13-year-old son – life is really hectic.

Outside of work, I love crossfit, training four times a week, while my weekends are devoted to my children, sport, and spending time with my husband.

I’m passionate about looking for ways to improve the department and increase occupancy rates.

If you are interested in joining the amazing team at Henzells Agency, call Hamish or Katherine on 5491 2000

Danielle Smithson, Holiday Team Leader

I’ve been on the Sunshine Coast most of my life, so I knew Henzells Agency well. In fact I worked for them as a cleaning contractor for five years prior to joining the team. I noticed a position became available with Henzells 18 months ago so I sent my resume in, met with Katherine for an interview and got the job! I sold my cleaning business and started as a reservation consultant and from there I have progressed to Holiday Team Leader.

The holiday department is a perfect fit for me. I’m passionate about looking for ways to improve the department and increase occupancy rates, and management always let me try new things to achieve this. Training is always on offer, and I’ve been to conferences to increase my knowledge, as well as cross training in other departments to expand my experience. It’s hard to find a nice place to work, where you have fun and genuinely enjoy coming to work, so I feel lucky to have found that!

Outside work I have a five-year-old and a two-year-old, so my weekends are always busy spending time with them! We’ve just bought a four-wheel-drive so I’m looking forward to heading out in that in the near future!

You can’t beat the experience of a company like Henzells, they have great local knowledge and are so well respected within the community

Paul Bell, Commercial Manager

We moved from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast 13 years ago after I retired from playing first-grade rugby league. A sports colleague at the time worked at Henzells Agency and he scouted me to come and work here too. The integrity of the company resonated with me—the name has been around for a long time, it is family owned and they have good values, plus they give back to the community and are heavily involved in the local area, and that was important to me. So I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to join the team. I was in residential for five years, and then moved into commercial. It was good to do residential first and have that grounding, but I do enjoy being in commercial.

Thankfully, the reputation of Henzells Agency makes my job a lot easier! Having been here for 80 years counts for a lot. You can’t beat the experience of a company like Henzells, they have great local knowledge and are so well respected within the community. We have a good portfolio with long-standing relationships, so I am passionate about continuing to foster those relationships as well as look for new business.

The standout thing for me at Henzells Agency is the support. Training is always encouraged, so you can always further advance yourself and expand your knowledge. Legislation is always changing and I need to stay on top of that to always do my best for our clients.

I have three children, so my life outside work is kept busy with them! I play golf when I can and I’m pretty happy that my twelve-year-old enjoys it too, so we can start to play together.

If you’re looking to buy, sell or rent either a residential or commercial property, call the team at Henzells Agency on 5491 2000 or pop into their office at 49 Bullock St, Caloundra to discuss how they can help you achieve your real estate goals.

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